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Danny Hassan

UX Designer and storyteller

Hey, I’m Danny! A mix of Guatemalan and Lebanese roots, born in Guatemala City and adopted by an amazing Lebanese couple at 8 months old. Growing up in Oakville, Ontario, I discovered my love for storytelling. Armed with my camera and a wild imagination, I explored my hometown, sparking my passion for narratives.

As I grew, so did my interest in UX design and research. The dynamic world of multimedia arts became my passion. Now, armed with a degree in Digital Communication, my academic journey was a whirlwind of creativity and growth. I honed my skills in graphic design, video production, photography, and found my true passion in UX design.

I’m a firm believer in the power of a compelling narrative to connect people and initiate meaningful conversations. Moving forward in my professional journey, I’m driven by the idea that the fusion of storytelling and UX design can create transformative experiences. A growth mindset is at the core of my approach, pushing me to constantly evolve and adapt in this dynamic field. I’m excited about the potential to craft immersive experiences that deeply resonate with users, fuelled by a commitment to continuous learning and innovation.

UX Skills

Wire frames and UI design


User Research Data analysis and synthesis


User interview moderator


Graphic design


Web design