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NXNE Design Challenge

This project entailed the collaborative efforts of a five-member team tasked with developing an innovative interactive app for the NXNE music festival in Toronto, Canada. Comprising three skilled UX designers, one proficient web developer, and a seasoned content strategist, the team worked diligently to meet the specified criteria outlined by the NXNE board. The primary objectives of the project included facilitating artist discovery within the festival and driving foot traffic to local businesses.

Spanning a comprehensive seven-week timeframe, this design challenge necessitated a meticulous approach.  The reqirments of the NXNE board were involved creating a highly functional navigation system, optimized for seamless user experience, particularly for on-the-go usage. Additionally, the team strategically incorporated incentives to encourage increased patronage of businesses in the festival’s vicinity, as well as artists profile pages to drive traffic to artist social media and music platforms.

In the context of this team project, my primary focus involved a research-oriented role, predominantly in the project’s early stages. I conducted three user interviews to glean valuable insights into user preferences and challenges. Additionally, I played a key role in creating a persona and journey map to better understand the user experience dynamics.

Apart from research, I took the lead in developing a comprehensive Information Architecture (IA) diagram, ensuring a solid foundation for the app’s navigation aligned with user expectations and festival goals. While my role was front-heavy with research tasks, I also actively contributed to wireframing and provided design inputs, fostering a collaborative and well-rounded team effort.


  • Week 1-3 primary and secondary research conducted.
  • Week 4 Data synthesis
  • Week 5-7  Wireframes low fi and hi fi prototypes created
Early Research 

Team competitive analysis

After the design brief and we received all the design packages from the NXNE board, I lead a team competitive analysis. I asked all 4 team members to choose a music app of their choice and list the pros and cons of each. This gave us a good indication of what worked and didn’t. It gave us a good heads up as to what we liked and that flowed well and what didn’t. It was also good inspiration of the core designers to get some ideas going about layout and design.

After this was completed, I was able to formulate a few themes that we say start to emerge, I also started coming up with some interview questions for user interviews. It was really important for me to try understand what music festival lover value within a festival app experience.  This would be the foundations of our later final product.

User Interview results

What music lovers value


Real time schedule tracking

Users sought a feature that keeps them updated on live schedules, showing the time left for ongoing events and identifying the next participant, providing a user-friendly solution for seamless time management and event transitions.

Easy access to artists and set list

Our users made it clear they wanted constant visibility and effortless access to artist details and setlists. As well as easy access to all the information about your favorite artists and their setlists.

Find my friend feature

Users wanted a feature for group travel that ensures safety and easy navigation by providing real-time location tracking of friends.

AODA friendly and compatible

Users wants all features to be AODA friendly and compatible.

Users want to go down the rabbit hole

Addressing the desire for a centralized hub amid a surge of new artists, users wanted to explore diverse lineups at their own pace, offering a seamless and personalized experience tailored to their exploration preferences.

Transportation information are vital

Users emphasized the need for easily accessible transportation information, underscoring its crucial role in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.


Having conducted thorough user research, I’ve successfully distilled the gathered data into a comprehensive persona. This persona encapsulates the varied needs, desires, and frustrations expressed by our users. It serves as a valuable tool for our team, providing a clear understanding of our target audience and offering insights into how we can better meet their expectations and address their pain points.

IA diagram

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Low Fidelity

The Final Prototype

The final prototype represents the culmination of our endeavors, harmoniously integrating the specific requirements outlined by the NXNE board with the nuanced insights gleaned from user data. With precision and care, we’ve crafted an all-encompassing app experience that serves as a manifestation of our dedication to meeting and exceeding expectations. This refined product not only adheres to the outlined specifications but also embodies our commitment to delivering a brand-inducing interface that resonates with both user needs and the overarching goals of the organization.